Show Your Support

Volunteer Opportunities

Come once or come often. Volunteer on your own or in a group. There are many ways to lend a hand and we would love to chat with you more about all the possibilities.

Lend a Hand Tending the Garden

Help us grow more food for the local community by getting your hands in the dirt; planting seeds, transplanting seedlings, maintaining garden beds, harvesting and so much more. We welcome you to lend a hand during our open garden hours.

Become a part of our Compost Crew

Help us divert thousands of pounds of food waste from our landfills and turn it into nutrient rich compost. Volunteer your time to help produce this precious resource or sign-up to donate your compostables to our program.

Make a Difference with Your Group

Throughout the year we have special projects that make for great opportunities for groups to serve in the garden. Contact us to learn how your group, team, or class can help support the work of Feed & Be Fed.

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