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Little Sprouts Garden Gets a Makeover

SPROUT \'spraut\

sprouted; sprouting; sprouts

to grow, spring up, or come forth as or as if a sprout / to send out new growth /

to sent forth or up : cause to develop: GROW / something resembling a sprout such as a young person,

The pandemic has changed how we do a lot of things and while while Feed and be Fed's 6th Street Garden is temporarily closed to the public, our efforts to stay connected to our Little Sprouts has been a loving journey as we strive to maintain a type of normalcy in their lives.

Our Home Seed Kits have been a huge hit with our Little Sprouts. While we all miss being together in the garden, our Little Sprouts have enjoyed being able to continue to garden and sharing their experience with their family at home.

Our volunteers have also been busy revamping our 6th Street Garden. We are hard at work improving the landscape with a new shed, new planting beds and a gathering deck. All this will be waiting when children and their parents return to the garden.

For more information, contact To support our Little Sprouts program, we appreciate your donation to our 2020 Fall Fundraising campaign that is going on now till November 7th.


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