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ULTRA-URBAN FARMING: from hydroponics to aquaponics to urban greenhouses growing hyper-local crops and maximizing their efficiency even more.

YUZU: a tart and sour tangerine-sized citrus fruit that's mainly cultivated in parts of Asia.

REDUCETARIANISM: reducetarianism is for folks who aren't ready to be totally vegetarian or vegan, but still want to reduce their consumption of meat, dairy, and eggs to help the planet.

HIBISCUS: the culinary world is getting creative by using hibiscus/ sweet and tart flavors in fruit spreads, yogurts, drinks, and more.

MOCKTAILS: a new lineup of drinks that provide the taste and sophistication of cocktails without the buzz.

GRAINS THAT GIVE BACK: grains grown via agricultural practices and farming processes that help address soil health will b a huge focus this year.

SUNFLOWER SEEDS: these seeds are branching out of the ballpark and can now be found in ice cream, cheese and more.

MORINGA: often called the 'miracle tree', moringa is traditionally used as an herbal remedy in India, Africa and beyond. Moringa leaves have plenty of nutrients, and these fast-growing, drought-resistant trees have been used as a source of food to fight malnutrition in certain parts of the world. Look for moringa in powder form and added to make magic in smoothies, sauces and baked goods.

FUNCTIONAL SPARKLING BEVERAGES: from probiotic sodas to botanical tonics ... sparkling beverages will be huge this year.

TURMERIC: is getting a trendy twist in things like cereal, sauerkraut, and ice cream sandwiches.

Content provided by Better Homes & Garden and Whole Foods Market.

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