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Here at Feed & Be Fed, we are committed to feeding in body, mind, and spirit.

As a private, non-profit organization we believe that all people have something they are hungry for and something with which they can feed those around them.

Explore our website to learn more about all that we are doing to create a place where all are welcome to feed and be fed.




feeding in body, mind, & spirit

At Feed & Be Fed we are about nourishing the whole person using our urban farm to feed the local community in body, mind, and spirit through the cultivation of healthy food, educational programs, and creating a natural sanctuary in the heart of our urban community on the edge of the Port of Los Angeles, in San Pedro, CA.

Open Garden Times

Every Tuesday: 10am-12pm

10:30am Little Sprouts 
​​1st Thursdays: 6:30pm - 9pm
Every Friday: 10am - 2pm
​Every Sunday: 3pm - 6pm


What We Do

Our Work

At Feed & Be Fed we strive to be a place where people from all walks of life can come together
to feed and be fed in body, mind, and spirit.

Urban Farm

Feeding in Body

All of the produce we grow in the garden is distributed

back to the local community making healthy foods

accessible to all.

Living Classroom

Feeding in Mind

The garden makes the perfect setting for young and old alike to learn about growing food, caring for the earth, and how to build a stronger community.

Urban Sanctuary

Feeding in Spirit

Tending to the spirit with our prayer garden, and our collaborative partnership with the Garden Church, which holds Sunday afternoon worship in the Garden each week.



Come once or come often. Volunteer on your own or in a group. There are many ways to lend a hand and we would love to chat with you more about all the possibilities.

Educational Opportunities

From field trips with local school children and scout troops to our Little Sprouts Program (for children ages birth - preschool) and their caregivers, to workshops for all ages, there are many learning opportunities in the garden.

Contact Feed & Be Fed

Feed and Be Fed

Visit us:                   

429 W 6th St               
San Pedro, CA 90731

Mailing Address:

PO Box 5257

San Pedro, CA 90733 

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Feed & Be Fed is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization under the federal tax code.

All contribution to Feed & Be Fed at tax-deductible.


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