The fund is designed to respond to individuals and families that are in immediate need. Fund priorities include:

  • Recently unemployed

  • Homeless populations

  • Recently homeless residents living in temporary housing

  • Seniors or medically vulnerable populations with limited access to basic necessities

  • Similar needs within the vulnerable populations of the harbor area

The fund’s partnership will also work to facilitate In-kind donations and pro-bono services to vulnerable populations and the community-based organizations (CBO) that serve them.

We anticipate that grants will be in the range of $100 to $500. The review committee will meet as needed and funds will be awarded as quickly as possible to address immediate need. The committee will direct individuals and families in our process to the coordinated entry system for ongoing support and services. There is a large amount of grant applicants. Please be patient as we raise more funds to award to those in need.



The San Pedro Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Feed and Be Fed, and local faith-based and non-profit leaders has established the Harbor Area Neighborhood Relief Fund. The fund has been created to support the most vulnerable individuals and families in the harbor area who are in immediate need of assistance and resources.

Donations to the fund are tax-deductible,* and one hundred percent of the monies raised will be directed to members of our community in need. The fund will provide grants to individuals and non-profits working in the fund’s stated priorities.

Applications will be reviewed, and funds will be allocated through the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce Quality of Life Committee. The fund is designed to respond to immediate needs, and funds will be awarded on an ongoing basis. The Quality of Life Committee is currently co-chaired by San Pedro Chamber Board Members, Tim McOsker and Mona Sutton. Feed and Be Fed is the fiscal sponsor of the fund.





Grants will be awarded to individuals or populations at risk living in the harbor area of Los Angeles. Harbor Area communities include: San Pedro, Wilmington, and Harbor City.

Non-profits will also be eligible who serve the populations outlined in the fund priorities. Priority will be given to non-profits operating in the Harbor Area. Faith based organizations serving the populations listed under fund priorities are available to apply for funding.


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